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Spray-applied Fire Resistive Material is designed for steel construction so as to have excellent adhesion to steel substrates. FIRECUT F-1 is formulated with materials such as cement, vermiculite, fiber (asbestos-free) and some other inorganic materials, where it does not only show the characteristic of steel strength of concrete, but also the toughness and the flexibility of the cross-stitched network of fiber. The physical properties is significantly better than equivalent products in the Market. During its burning in the fire, no toxic smoke is produced. After the burning, the burned coating remains as strong and intact as that before the burning, and it will not be destroyed by the wind-storm occurred in fire accidents.

1. Excellent Physical Properties

After it is applied and cured on the steel substrates, FIRECUT F-1 is tough and light. The impact resistance, compressive strength and bending durability are significantly higher than equivalent products. Due to its inclusion of tough and strong anti-deflection fiber, no peeling occurs under heavy blows. The physical properties can still be maintained even after 3 hours of burning in the fire, no chalking or loosen occurs. It can resist the wind-storm in the scene of fire accident and thus ensure its fire protection capability.

2. No asbestos Content

The test done by Union Chemical Laboratory of Industrial Technology Research Institute shows that FIRECUT F-1 does not contain any asbestos at all. F-1 is also tested by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. according to ASTM E84 (UL 723), the smoke development is zero.


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